11-06-07- Soda met a possum in the backyard tonight. I first thought it was a soccer size furry toy because it was dark out so i couldn’t quite make out what she was playing with. Went I got a bit closer and my eyes adjusted to the lower light i noticed it was a bit red and had a tail. Soda had been riping tufts of hair from the possum as it laid there in a ball. So I yelled to Rebbecca, “Soda has a possum” and grabbed the camera so I could capture the moment. Rebecca was more worried about any injuries that Soda might have received. So we moved soda into the garage with some brooms and looked her over. She had no signs of bleeding or an pain so we took her in the house and about an hour later Rebecca saw the possum slowly moving out of the yard.


8-16-07- Soda killed her first squirrel this morning. I went in the backyard to bring her in and she ran down a squirrel, the squirrel thought by not moving that Soda might not notice it. Bad idea squirrel, this gave the closing distance that Soda needed. The squirrel was about 3 feet from the nearest fence crouched down and Soda was a mere 13 feet away when she made a sprint for the squirrel. The squirrel got half way up the fence and Soda pinned it. In about five seconds the squirrel was dead. This brings the critter kill to one young robin, two moles, and one squirrel.